FB Ad Copywriting

From $75.00

FB Ad Copywriting

From $75.00



You can have great targeting and great graphics…

But if your Ad Copy isn’t pulling its weight, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Quit holding yourself back HOPING you’re connecting with your customers, and let us push you forward!

We work directly with YOU to ensure your message is being conveyed properly to YOUR target audience to boost conversions and ROAS!


Long: 50+ Word Count
– Whether you’re delivering your brand story, providing detailed information on a product or service, or narrating a turning point in your business, utilizing Long Ad Copy will allow you to deliver your ENTIRE message without sacrificing any details for the sake of brevity. Long Ad Copy can also do your selling for you, providing a potential customer with as much necessary information as possible before even being approached about a purchase.

Mid: 25-50 Word Count
– Mid-Length Copy is extremely useful when you still want to creatively and concisely address your audience, but another step in your Ad Journey will provide more in-depth information on your product/ service or provide a narrative on any subject you wish to address.

Short: 25 Word Count and Under
– Short, sweet, and to the point! Short Ad Copy is used to quickly and efficiently direct your audience toward whatever you’re wanting them to do (ie. register for a newsletter, message your page, buy your product, learn more, etc.) or deliver a clear and concise message.

A+B Testing: Sometimes the language you use or even the way your sentences are structured can elicit a different reaction from your audience. By selecting this option you will receive 2 versions of your requested copy, in varied language or structure, to ensure you’re reaching your audience in the best way possible!


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