Logo Design

Below you will find examples of our logo & branding designs. Hover over each image for more info and click the magnifying glass to enlarge. 

Character Design & Digitization

Below you will find examples of Character Digitization and Design. Click the images below to enlarge. 

Joe Pawner

Joe Pawner is a Character that had been previously designed for Pawn South in North Carolina. The original character (shown below in camo) didn’t fit *everything* they were doing marketing-wise, and needed to be re-done in Adobe Illustrator to be able to use in print design without losing quality. Once that was done, we designed different versions of Joe to match any occasion! 

Wonderland Gardens

Wonderland Gardens is a botanical company in North Carolina that uses an image in the likeness of the Cheshire Cat as their branding. They had a local artist draw up their own version of the Cheshire Cat, but they still needed a digital version to use on print and packaging. Below we have the original, hand-drawn version as well as the digital version created in Adobe Illustrator. 

Ded Teddy

Ded Teddy is a DJ/ Producer in Wilmington, NC. Previously they had used a simple bear character (pictured below w/ full body), but were looking to bring the character up to date/ add some new style to it. The resulting head/icon redesign below is the result of multiple hand-drawn mock-ups and options that was then digitized in Adobe Illustrator.

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